CNC engineering makes product redesign easier

CNC machines are excellent for prototyping for many reasons. Most importantly they can ensure every single part is precise. In addition they require a detailed design made using computer software. The model of the piece can be 3D, making it easier to visualise. As a leading name for CNC engineering Hampshire based clients can rely on, we have a lot of experience with creating prototype products. We can even look at using CNCs for developing new products from existing ones. Continue reading

Why choose CNC milling over conventional machining?

The development of computer numerical control was one of the biggest advances in engineering technology in the 20th century. With computers, equipment could do more and offer lots of benefits for the user. In many cases the machines replaced conventional manufacturing entirely. At ACW Engineering Services we use top quality equipment to deliver great results for our clients. As a result we are the best for CNC milling Hampshire has. Continue reading